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387 Short Stories: Day 21: Story 21: The Good Taste Contest by Lydia Davis

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

Title: The Good Taste Contest
Author: Lydia Davis
Taken from the Collection: The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis cannot go wrong with a short story. She is the supreme short story teller, after Munro of course. She knows what she writes and she is the queen of brevity and as a reader, you do not feel any less empowered if you read a story which is very short or long, as long as the writing is in place, which she guarantees.

Davis’s stories are all about the details. Everything has to be mentioned and brought to fore. Nothing is left hanging or unsaid. Her stories are almost like the crisp linen sheet, waiting to be sunk into and then you do not want to ruin it either. “The Good Taste Contest” is one such story, about a husband and a wife, whose names are not necessary and how each has his and her own good taste points and what transpires at the end of it all.

To me, she is beyond brilliant and I had to read one of her stories before the year ended. Thank God, I did.