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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Alright, I will be honest. I avoided this book for the longest time. I do not read books that are written or talked about the most, so eagerly and early. I like for the drama to have died down and then I opt for it, if I do, and that’s what happened with TGWTDT (hate using abbreviations, however will do with this one). And when I started reading it, I could get by only the first 70 pages and then it went back to the shelf. I did not touch it. After all it was a slow read, till Deens ( a dear friend and great reader of good books) highly recommended it and almost ordered me to finish reading it.

With great trepidation and fear, I picked up from where I left and to my utter dismay, I enjoyed the read. What is the book about?

Well Stieg Larsson was a Swedish writer and I am glad that he wrote the book in Swedish and the fact that it had to be translated. Anyway, that is a different story all together. What is the book all about? To simply put it, it is about the disappearance of Harriet Vanger – great-grand niece of the Vanger Industries’ CEO Henrik Vanger who hires the services of Mikael Blomkvist – a finance journalist whose career is in the dumps as his magazine, Millennium is about to shut down (hence the Millennium Trilogy). And here enters Lisbeth Salander who helps Mikael solve the assignment.

Now nothing happens in the book till Page 285, so you better be prepared to endure a bit.  After that the book moves at top-notch speed with it’s usual twists and turns. The whole world has heralded this book and I love the way it is written, though my only issue is that it drags no end sometimes. I like how other mystery writers like Dorothy Sayers and Christie feature in the book. It is gripping, towards the end and yes the revelation leaves you flabbergasted! A must read for all crime who-dun-it lovers.