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I Read.

When the stabbing pain becomes unbearable, I read.
When the whole world is crazy (which is most of the time), I read.
When nothing else makes sense in this world, I read.
When all of it and more humanity is lost, I believe in books and so I read.
When all hope is lost, I read.
When nothing else can heal me, I read.
When I want to block out people from my head and heart, I read.
When I want to visit imaginary lands, I read.
When I want to visit lands that exist and are made new in every other book, I read.
When you do not matter, I read.
When the perfect weather calls for it, I read.
When the perfect weather does not call for it, I read.
When I am waiting at a spot for a person who doesn’t value my time, I read.
When I wake up in the morning, I do not read the newspaper. But, I read.
When people do not matter (most of the time), I read.
When my thoughts need to gather and calm down, I read.
When I need my thoughts to go in every direction, I read.
When I feel dejected, I read.
When I am happy, after hugging my family and friends, I read.
When I am drinking my cup of chai, I read.
When it is daytime, in-between work, I read.
When it is night-time, in-between tweeting, I read.
When there is the accumulated rage, I read.
When I have nothing to say to anyone, I read.
When I want my life to make some sense, I read.
When I want to keep the demons at bay, I read.
When I want my life to be surrounded by bliss and happiness, there is only one way I know of, so, I read.
When you do not understand me, I read.
When I do not understand you, I read.
When words cannot be applied in reality, I read.
When reality cannot be applied to words, I read.
When people judge, I read.

There is only one thing, which I hope I could all the time. I can’t. So whenever I can, I do. I read.

Mad Mad Love

I do not know when or why I fell in love with books, however I did and now there is no turning back. It is like time. I can never look back and what has passed has come to passed and there is nothing I can do to undo it. I look at the number of books I own (close to 4000) and I am appalled. I really am. As to how less these books are. As to how I can add to my collection. As to how the house needs more shelves and the lack of space thereof. Books are strewn all over the place. In the living room. In the bedroom. In my mother’s room. In the kitchen also I think. Under the bed. On the shelves of course. Just about everywhere.

The love for books is something which cannot be explained and yet I attempt to. The thought of picking up a new book. The idea of smelling it. The pure magical experience of imagining a book and its characters and the setting as you read it. What other hobby or what other passion could take you to a different land without getting up from your arm-chair?

Books have also played a critical role in my life. There have been times I have not met men for a date since they were not readers. I wanted my very own Roark and if I was in a wild mood, then I needed a Heathcliff. Sometimes I wanted to become Catherine and others I was satisfied in being Oliver Twist, just to know what it would be like to be an orphan. I wanted to be loved like Miu from Sputnik Sweeheart (happens to be my favourite book). I wanted to experience an adventure like the one in Treasure Island. I want Edward McCullen to hold me in his arms and sing me a lullaby. Enough of the ranting already. My point is this: Why aren’t there more readers in my country?

Well that has also changed, thanks to the likes of Dan Brown and Chetan Bhagat (shudder shiver!). I wonder how people read them. Yes I admit. I am a literary snob (though I have had my share of Shobha De and Jackie Collins as well). I remember the time I was introduced to reading. I was 5 and was gifted an Enid Blyton by my mother. I have not stopped reading since then. My neices and nephews are 6 and 5 years old and they do not know of Enid Blyton. They never will. I hope they do. I tried to introduce them to her magical world but in vain. They did not try reading what I had gifted. I was sad and then somewhere down the line I let them be.

I am so glad that my man reads. He reads a lot and may be would like to read even more. Just that he does not get the time. My mother reads and so does my sister. I think we are a very different species. The species who reads. I know of so many of my friends who read and I love them for it. I love you my books. This is one love that will never end.

As Virginia Woolf says,  

The true reason remains the inscrutable one – we get pleasure from reading. It is a complex pleasure and a difficult pleasure; it varies from age to age and from book to book. But that pleasure is enough. Indeed that pleasure is so great that one cannot doubt that without it the world would be a far different and a far inferior place from what it is. Reading has changed the world and continues to change it. When the day of judgment comes therefore and all secrets are laid bare, we shall not be surprised to learn that the reason why we have grown from apes to men, and left our caves and dropped our bows and arrows and sat round the fire and talked and given to the poor and helped the sick – the reason why we have made shelter and society out of the wastes of the desert and the tangle of the jungle is simply this – we have loved reading.