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Castle by J. Robert Lennon

Alright! This writer and this book completely blew me away.I did not know what to expect on reading the synopsis, however when I started reading the book, I was in awe.

The book peels itself like an onion – with layers and more layers to it. The protagonist, Eric Loesch is a loner – the typical brooder with poor social skills. He buys an old house with nothing around it for miles – just surrounded by plain good ol’ land. He decides to remodel it. Life goes on as usual, until Mr. Lennon decides to build some tension into the plot and things begin to happen.

What I loved about the book was the interwoven plots – one that is real (or so it seems) and the other which is in Eric’s head and almost merges with the real one. There is this artful suspense that had me teethered along the way. There are a lot of questions asked in a subtle manner in the book, which I felt deserved an answer. The monster-human theory in particular, and do not worry it will all make sense in the end.

If you love the dark side and gothic writing, then you will love this one for sure! For the faint-hearted or for the ones who like their stories served on a platter, pick it up. It might just change your view.