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387 Short Stories: Day 9: Story 9: The Hand by Patricia Highsmith

The Selected Stories of Patricia Highsmith

Title: The Hand
Author: Patricia Highsmith
Taken from: The Selected Stories of Patricia Highsmith

This has to be a story told with great passion and an element of Gothic horror, which comes across quite rarely to an author. Patricia Highsmith – the Queen of Noir mostly, managed it quite well with, “The Hand”. I would have to loved to say more about the story, but all I can say is that it is about a man’s descent into madness and sometimes, also gave me the feeling of him and others being under a totalitarian regime.

The story is not as simple as it seems. It is about a marriage and a lot more than just that. There are elements of misogyny, of parental hate, and also of love, a weird kind of love. Throughout her career, Patricia Highsmith wrote about love, murder, betrayal and more so also of fear and angst. I would put my money on any of her works, any given day.