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Jeffrey Archer Quiz

So here is the Jeffrey Archer Quiz. You can win, “The Sins of the Father”, his latest book in The Clifton Chronicles. This is the 2nd instalment after Only Time Will Tell. The quiz is on till Thursday, 15th of March 2012, 9 pm. Please leave your answers in the form of a comment. There are 2 copies to be won for 2 winners. Please participate. Please mention your twitter handle (if any) with your answers.

Here we go:

1. When Archer wrote the book, “Shall we tell the President?” who was originally featured as the President of the USA?
2. Which Archer story is about a plot by Saddam Hussein to humiliate the Americans?
3. Which Archer book is about four men and their ambition to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
4. Which Archer book is about two media barons and their battle to control the biggest newspaper empire in the world?
5. Which short story written by Archer in the collection ‘Cat o’ Nine Tales’, is about how a Bombay con artist ends up in the morgue?
6. Which Archer novel starts on 9/11 and features Van Gogh’s last painting?
7. Which Archer novel is the story of revenge when four men plot to recover the money which they lost to a master con man?
8. Which Archer story features a Soviet plot to make Alaska a part of the Soviet Union?
9. Which Archer novel is about two siblings separated at birth and ends dramatically with one of them defending the other in a murder trial?
10. Which Archer story is about the attempts of a US President to remove the CIA chief who is carrying out operations behind his back?

The Average Indian Male Quiz

Hi Everyone, here is another quiz from yours truly. This has been graciously sponsored by Random House India, and they are giving away 4 signed copies of, “The Average Indian Male” by Cyrus Broacha. This quiz is only open to residents of Mumbai and will be open till – the 16th of December 2011, 6:00 pm. The quiz is a generic one and the questions are given below. Please leave the answers in the form of a comment mentioning our twitter handle (if you have one). Good luck!

1. Meenal Baghel has written a book published by Random House India. Name the book.
2. Haruki Murakami’s latest title is _______
3. Who is the writer of the book, “Lucky Jim”?
4. Cyrus hosted a show on MTV related to an animal in its name. Which one was it?
5. Cyrus Broacha has acted in movies. True or False?
6. Who wrote the book, “A Confederacy of Dunces”?
7. Shobha De also wrote a book on Indian Men. What was the title?
8. Is Death in Mumbai a fictional title? Yes or No
9. Cyrus Broacha has written another book. Name the title
10. Which publishing house has published Cyrus’ Book?

Thank you for participating. The winners will be announced tomorrow at 6:30 pm.

Book Giveaway 1: Classics

Hey all! Here is my very first book give away on my blog…Here are five questions. The first 5 to answer all of them correctly will receive a classic from me.

1. The Last Book written by W. Somerset Maugham is?
2. Where was Muriel Spark born?
3. Salman Rushdie’s  last 5 books in chronological order
4. Name 3 novels set in Egypt
5. Mention 5 cities that appear in “One Day”.

Good luck readers!!