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Simply Sumptuous Sindhi Cooking by Anita Raheja

Simply Sumptuous Sindhi Cooking by Anita Raheja Title: Simply Sumptuous Sindhi Cooking
Author: Anita Raheja
ASIN: B00US74092
Genre: Cooking
Pages: 210
Source: Personal Copy
Rating: 5/5

I am not much of a cook-book reading person. I always think that what’s there to a cook-book which I cannot get off the Internet and maybe I am also right in thinking that way, most of the time. There are times however you need experience and tips when it comes to cooking any authentic cuisine which the net cannot give you. This is where you need a cookbook and that is also why this review. I am a Sindhi. I love Sindhi food like most Sindhis do. No matter what, I am one-hundred percent sure that a Sindhi would prefer koki and sai-bhaji over any fancy international cuisine. The book I am referring to is, ‘Simply Sumptuous Sindhi Cooking” by Anita Raheja. This is an edition reprint.

Why do I like this book?

The book is divided into relevant sections: Nashto (Breakfast), Rasoi (lunch and dinner), Evening Snacks, Mithai (desserts) and Achars and Sherbets (pickles and cold drinks). It is easy to go through and not a hassle at all. I also think that this is the single-most comprehensive book there is on Sindhi food with tips and tricks and also some background about the dish, what is eaten with what, etc. I think more so because I have grown-up eating these dishes and this cuisine, it just somehow was so close to home that all memories came rushing by.

Teewarn - Mutton in Gravy.

Teewarn – Mutton in Gravy.

For instance, in almost every Sindhi household, Sindhi curry is what Sundays are made of and there is no two-way about what should be cooked on that day. Also the fact that things such as Thadri Jo Khano is so specific and so typical of Sindhis that no one else can cook up what we do. And not to forget the very famous Sindhi mutton.



For me, “Simply Sumptuous Sindhi Cooking” was a walk down memory lane and reliving everything I hold dear about being who I am. I love the snippets, the proverbs which are typical of any Sindhi household and the recipes which are easy to make and will not take all that time. For all food-lovers out there, you have to own this book and cook-up these traditional Sindhi recipes.

Pictures Courtesy: Vickky Idnaani.