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387 Short Stories : Day 320 to Day 325

Here are the six stories read till the 30th of October 2014:

Day 320: 25th of October 2014: The Writer by Ellis Sharp
Day 321: 26th of October 2014: The Faber Book of Adultery by Jonathan Gibbs
Day 322: 27th of October 2014: I Arrive First by Emma Jane Unsworth
Day 323: 28th of October 2014: Private Tuition with Mr. Bose by Anita Desai
Day 324: 29th of October 2014: Izzat by Ashapurna Devi
Day 325: 30th of October 2014: The Hijra by Kamala Das

387 Short Stories: Day 319: Inland Sea by Stuart Dyber

Day 319 - Ecstatic Cahoots

Today was Day 319 of the 387 Short Story Project. I read a unique story, written by a unique writer. I had not heard of him earlier and I am glad that I did now. Stuart Dyber is a writer who is full of empathy and wit at the same time.

“Inland Sea” is a story which is short and extremely short at that. At the same time, the story could be about anything. That is what I love about it. The story just describes a scene and it is left to the reader to interpret the plot.

Do read it. You will be marveled by it.

387 Short Stories : Day 294 to Day 318

Day 294: 29th of September 2014: Zelig by Benjamin Rosenblatt
Day 295: 30th of September 2014: Wild Plums by Grace Stone Coates
Day 296: 1st of October 2014: Willi by E.L. Doctorow
Day 297: 2nd of October 2014: A Poetics for Bullies by Stanley Elkin
Day 298: 3rd of October 2014: Redemption by John Gardner
Day 299: 4th of October 2014: Verona: A Young Woman Speaks by Harold Brodkey
Day 300: 5th of October 2014: The Ledge by Lawrence Sargent Hall
Day 301: 6th of October 2014: Water Liars by Barry Hannah
Day 302: 7th of October 2014: Least Resistance by Wayne Harrison
Day 303: 8th of October 2014: Into Silence by Marlin Barton
Day 304: 9th of October 2014: Bullet Number Two by Hannah Tinti
Day 305: 10th of October 2014: Do Something by Kate Walbert
Day 306: 11th of October 2014: The Bris by Eileen Polllack
Day 307: 12th of October 2014: Allegiance by Aryn Kayle
Day 308: 13th of October 2014: Balto by T.C. Boyle
Day 309: 14th of October 2014: Gunpowder Alley by Bill Pronzini
Day 310: 15th of October 2014: Midair by Frank Conroy
Day 311: 16th of October 2014: The Bystander by Gina Berriault
Day 312: 17th of October 2014: The Lover of Horses by Tess Gallagher
Day 313: 18th of October 2014: Rock Springs by Richard Ford
Day 314: 19th of October 2014: The Misfits by Arthur Miller
Day 315: 20th of October 2014: Akhnilo by James Salter
Day 316: 21st of October 2014: Walking Out by David Quammen
Day 317: 22nd of October 2014: Letters from the Samantha by Mark Helprin
Day 318: 23rd of October 2014: Bright and Morning Star by Richard Wright

387 Short Stories : Day 293 : New and Second-Hand by Altaf Tyrewala

Engglishhh by Altaf Tyrewala

Today started with missing home, which I do almost every single day. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of Bombay. Not a day goes by when I do think about the sea. And not to forget all the places where I shopped for books and soaked myself in those places.

Today’s story, “New and Second-Hand” by Altaf Tyrewala just brought back those memories – of school and college, when I would scrounge the streets for great literature and not to forget the very famous store, “New and Second-Hand Book Store” at Dhobi Talao (after which this story is named and dedicated to) which shut in 2011.

“New and Second-Hand” is a story of decline of a bookstore. It is the decline of literature and it is most vividly and bitingly told by Tyrewala. The language hits the spot. He speaks of a time gone by and that which is slowly declining. For me, growing up and being a Bombay boy meant to a large extent books being sold on pavements and those shops that one went to every weekend. The story is of a bookstore owner and how he knows that it is all going to end, given the times he lives in. He is bitter, lonely and loves books (contrary to what he says). He wants a companion and has given up on finding one. He lives in despair in Bombay, waiting for the bookstore to be sold.

The story is brilliantly told and I urge all of you to read it. It is a beautiful ode to the city and the times that were. I could not help but cry.

My favourite parts from the story:

“Reading used to be a step away from renunciation. Now it is another excuse to pick up unattractive lovers.”

“Such are the incidental joys of browsing. It takes a particular sort of personality to delight in the unexpected find, to take relish in stumbling upon something while seeking something else. I am sad to report that such a personality, receptive to serendipity, is now on the wane.”

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387 Short Stories : Day 255 to Day 292

Day 255: 21st of August 2014: Zelig by Benjamin Rosenblatt
Day 256: 22nd of August 2014: A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell
Day 257: 23rd of August 2014: Theft by Katherine Anne Porter
Day 258: 24th of August 2014: The Ledge by Lawrence Sargent Hall
Day 259: 25th of August 2014: Birthmates by Gish Jen
Day 260: 26th of August 2014: Beautiful Monsters by Eric Puchner
Day 261: 27th of August 2014: Paramour by Jennifer Haigh
Day 262: 28th of August 2014: Light Bulb by Nancy Pickard
Day 263: 29th of August 2014: When They Are Done With Us by Patricia Smith
Day 264: 30th of August 2014: The Don’s Cinnamon by Ben Stroud
Day 265: 31st of August 2014: I Want to Live! By Thom Jones
Day 266: 1st of September 2014: Wild Plums by Grace Stone Coates
Day 267: 2nd of September 2014: Blood-Burning Moon by Jean Toomer
Day 268: 3rd of September 2014: Resurrection of a Life by William Saroyan
Day 269: 4th of September 2014: All Boy by Lori Ostlund
Day 270: 5th of September 2014: Raw Water by Wells Tower
Day 271: 6th of September 2014: The Hollow by James Lasdun
Day 272: 7th of September 2014: Foster by Claire Keegan
Day 273: 8th of September 2014: The Dungeon Master by Sam Lipsyte
Day 274: 9th of September 2014: A Good Marriage by Ed Kurtz
Day 275: 10th of September 2014: Soldier of Fortune by Bret Anthony Johnston
Day 276: 11th of September 2014: Phantoms by Steven Millhauser
Day 277: 12th of September 2014: Dog Bites by Ricardo Nuila
Day 278: 13th of September 2014: To the Measures Fall by Richard Powers
Day 279: 14th of September 2014: The Call of Blood by Jess Row
Day 280: 15th of September 2014: Missionaries by Bradford Tice
Day 281: 16th of September 2014: Straightaway by Mark Wisniewski
Day 282: 17th of September 2014: Galatea by Karen Brown
Day 283: 18th of September 2014: Closely Held by Allegra Goodman
Day 284: 19th of September 2014: Navigators by Mike Meginnis
Day 285: 20th of September 2014: The Last Speaker of the Language by Carol Anshaw
Day 286: 21st of September 2014: Pilgrim Life by Taylor Antrim
Day 287: 22nd of September 2014: North Country by Roxane Gay
Day 288: 23rd of September 2014: Man and Wife by Katie Chase
Day 289: 24th of September 2014: From the Desk of Daniel Varsky by Nicole Krauss
Day 290: 25th of September 2014: Quality of Life by Christine Sneed
Day 291: 26th of September 2014: Buying Lenin by Miroslav Penkov
Day 292: 27th of September 2014: The Hare’s Mask by Mark Slouka