I know this may sound weird to you since this post is not about books. It is about two kittens who need a home. I am not trying to pander to your emotions – that’s why their pictures are not going to be a part of this post.

I made a mistake. Without knowing that my mother is allergic to cats (there was no way of knowing that), I adopted two adorable kittens and now there is no choice left but to put them up for adoption. I have tried in almost all places – FB, Twitter, asking neighbors, putting up posters at vets’ clinics, asking watchmen in my area, asking friends for help and so on and so forth, but no avail.

So this is my last option. I wish I could keep them and as much as my heart breaks giving them up (I really hope someone kind adopts them and gives them a home) but what must be done must be done. I know a lot of you will judge me – go on – judge away. But this isn’t about me. It is about them. They need a loving home. I have fretted and cooed over them. I have cried over them. Every vaccine shot has had me in tears and they have been just fine. Their pooping fine, their peeing alright and whether or not they are okay has had me concerned but I have got so much love from them. It is unbelievable. Like I said, my heart breaks to give them away, but I have no choice. I cannot put them in a foster home and neither can I just let them fend for themselves. That is not an option at all.

So please try and come forth and help me with this. I need help. They need a home, as soon as possible. They aren’t your fancy breeds, but they know how to love and receive love and cuddles. They love their food. Their names are Kathy and Becky. They are four months old. They have been de-wormed and vaccinated. They are both female cats and yes it is a joint adoption. I cannot bear to see them separated from each other.

I hope this time someone will come along and adopt them. If you are genuinely interested, drop me a Whatsapp message at +91-9620553343 or call me on +91-9819813343.



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