387 Short Stories – Day 227 to Day 236

Day 227: 24th of July 2014: Farmer Airlines by Yasutaka Tsutsui
Day 228: 25th of July 2014: A Very Strange, Enchanted Boy by Yuko Tsushima
Day 229: 26th of July 2014: Desert Dolphin by Masahiko Shimada
Day 230: 27th of July 2014: Blowfish by Ton Satomi
Day 231: 28th of July 2014: Night Fires by Naoya Shiga
Day 232: 29th of July 2014: Sansho the Steward by Ogai Mori
Day 233: 30th of July 2014: The Peony Garden by Kafu Nagai
Day 234: 31st of July 2014: Separate Ways by Ichiyo Higuchi
Day 235: 1st of August 2014: The White Mother by Theodor Sologub
Day 236: 2nd of August 2014: Lazarus by Leonid Andreyev

This is the round-up for 387 Short Stories.


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