387 Short Stories: Day 216 to Day 226

Here is a round-up of 387 short stories from Day 216 to Day 226:

Day 216: 13th of July 2014: Diving Belles by Lucy Wood
Day 217: 14th of July 2014: Pork by Cris Freddi
Day 218: 15th of July 2014: The Sisters by Amy Lowell
Day 219: 16th of July 2014: Wild Winter Love by Anzia Yezierska
Day 220: 17th of July 2014: Women by Louise Bogan
Day 221: 18th of July 2014: Her Kind by Anne Sexton
Day 222: 19th of July 2014: Seventeen Syllables by Hisaye Yamamoto
Day 223: 20th of July 2014: One Art by Elizabeth Bishop
Day 224: 21st of July 2014: A Maiden’s Story by Popol Vuh
Day 225: 22nd of July 2014: The Image of Misfortune by Juan Carlos Onetti
Day 226: 23rd of July 2014: Meat by Virgilio Pinera


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