Runner by Patrick Lee

Runner by Patrick Lee Title: Runner
Author: Patrick Lee
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9781405914994
Genre: Suspense and Thriller, Action and Adventure
Pages: 464
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3/5

Thrillers are not easy to write. There is always the case of what to give away and what to hide and also the fact that the reader, who reads the genre, has had some experience in figuring it all out. Then how does a writer get the reader to turn the pages, without guessing? Is that really possible after a point? Patrick Lee does it with his book “Runner”. I for one could not stop turning the pages. Yes, I know that is what they all say about thrillers, but this one, well for a lack of a better word, is really interesting.

“Runner” is a thriller on-the-road, quite literally so. There is an ex-soldier, Sam Dryden. Then there is a terrified young girl running away from her well-armed pursers. So but of course Sam saves her and keeps her hidden. Why is the girl running? Who is she running from? What is the idea behind it all? How is Sam involved in all of this? This makes for the rest of the plot.

Lee makes for a good story and yet sometimes you feel that the ends could have been tied better. The characters are strong and have a lot to do to take the story forward.

Now at some point, I thought I would not be able to finish the book, but after a point, the story did come interesting and I managed to finish it. “Runner” is not for the serious reader. Nor is it for the reader who expects some more out of a book. It is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon, because you know that the pages will turn and the book will be finished in no time.

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