387 Short Stories : Day 176 to Day 189

Day 176: 3rd of June 2014: Magic Man by Sheila Kohler
Day 177: 4th of June 2014: The Chair by David Means
Day 178: 5th of June 2014: Chapter Two by Antonya Nelson
Day 179: 6th of June 2014: The Wilderness by Elizabeth Tallent
Day 180: 7th of June 2014: Bretharians by Callan Wink
Day 181: 8th of June 2014: Sail by Tash Aw
Day 182: 9th of June 2014: He Knew by Donald Antrim
Day 183: 10th of June 2014: Two Opinions by Joan Silber
Day 184: 11th of June 2014: The Mexican by George McCormick
Day 185: 12th of June 2014: Tiger by Nalini Jones
Day 186: 13th of June 2014: The Particles by Andrea Barrett
Day 187: 14th of June 2014: Sugarcane by Derek Palacio
Day 188: 15th of June 2014: White Carnations by Polly Rosenwaike
Day 189: 16th of June 2014: The Visitor by Asako Serizawa


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