387 Short Stories : Day 154 to Day 175

There have been so many stories now. So many more to come. It always feels gratifying to read each and every one of them. I love the way this project is progressing. I love how one story is so different from the other. I love how life just shapes through these stories. Love all of this and more.

Here is the updated list from where I left off:

Day 154: 12th of May 2014: Tributaries by Ramona Asubel
Day 155: 13th of May 2014: In the Rain by Stephen Barthelme
Day 156: 14th of May 2014: The First Day of Winter by Breece D’J Pancake
Day 157: 15th of May 2014: “Do the Windows Open?” by Julie Hecht
Day 158: 16th of May 2014: Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin
Day 159: 17th of May 2014: Winter Chemistry by Joy Williams
Day 160: 18th of May 2014: Orientation by Daniel Orozco
Day 161: 19th of May 2014: Death in Miami Beach by Herbert Gold
Day 162: 20th of May 2014: In Dreams Begin Possibilities by Delmore Schwartz
Day 163: 21st of May 2014: The Sex Lives of African Girls by Taiye Selasi
Day 164: 22nd of May 2014: Marion by Emma Cline
Day 165: 23rd of May 2014: Further Adventures in the Restless Universe by Dawn Raffel
Day 166: 24th of May 2014: Alone with You by Marisa Silver
Day 167: 25th of May 2014: How to Escape from a Leper Colony by Tiphanie Yanique
Day 168: 26th of May 2014: Dinner by Alissa Nutting
Day 169: 27th of May 2014: Boys and Girls Like You and Me by Aryn Kyle
Day 170: 28th of May 2014: Sluts at Heart by Adam Wilson
Day 171: 29th of May 2014: The People of Sand and Slag by Paolo Bacigalupi
Day 172: 30th of May 2014: Cabal by Clive Barker
Day 173: 31st of May 2014: The Scarlatti Tilt by Richard Braughtigan
Day 174: 1st of June 2014: Facing the Music by Larry Brown
Day 175: 2nd of June 2014: The Mezzotint by M.R. James


2 thoughts on “387 Short Stories : Day 154 to Day 175

  1. tengel265

    I studied under Steven bartheme at university southern Mississippi. Loved breece d’pancake when looking first read. Good taste abounds here. Where doespecially your list come from?


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