387 Short Stories : Day 143 to Day 153

11 Stories read in 11 Days. This challenge is kind of proving to be difficult by the day given the number of authors and stories, which I have to source.

Nonetheless, here is the list:

Day 143: 1st of May 2014: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber
Day 144: 2nd of May 2014: Pigs is Pigs by Ellis Parker Butler
Day 145: 3rd of May 2014: The Lady or the Tiger? by Frank Stockton
Day 146: 4th of May 2014: Someday This Will Be Funny by Lynne Tillman
Day 147: 5th of May 2014: Airships by Barry Hannah
Day 148: 6th of May 2014: Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link
Day 149: 7th of May 2014: Battleborn by Claire Vaye Watkins
Day 150: 8th of May 2014: Like You’d Understand Anyway by Jim Shepard
Day 151: 9th of May 2014: Jesus’s Son by Denis Johnson
Day 152: 10th of May 2014: AM/PM by Amelia Grey
Day 153: 11th of May 2014: Like a Winding Sheet by Ann Petry


One thought on “387 Short Stories : Day 143 to Day 153

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