387 Short Stories : Day 136 to Day 139

These are the four short stories read. Apologies for not describing them in detail. Just that there is such less time to read anyway, that I want to devote every free second to it.

Here goes:

Day 136: 24th of April 2014: The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vince Benet. About a farmer who sells his soul to the devil. Interesting detailing and good plot.

Day 137: 25th of April 2014: The Wall by Jean-Paul Sartre. Spanish Civil War and its brutalities. A prison. Three comrades and what happens to them.

Day 138: 26th of April 2014: Little Herr Friedemann by Thomas Mann. A deformed crippled. His love for a married woman. The rejection. And the consequences thereafter.

Day 139: 27th of April 2014: The Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence. A boy’s ability to predict the winners of horse-races and the aftermath, given his greedy relatives.

See you around.

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