The World of Oliver Jeffers

How to Catch A Star

I just discovered the world of Oliver Jeffers and I can tell you with assurance that this is a world you would not want to get out of, once you get in that is. I have read eight books in the past two days – I agree that they are picture books, but they are books nonetheless and they have this immense power to transport you to another world or perhaps more than world – with their simple storytelling and illustrations.

Oliver Jeffers’ books have this touch of fantasy and reality attached to them. It is almost like he makes you see what he wants to, without letting go of the innocence element. And according to me, perhaps adults have a lot more to learn from his books – about the nature of being a child again than children themselves do.

The book I started with was, “How to Catch a Star” – an endearing tale of a boy who wants his own star by his side and guess what! He actually manages to get one. How does he do that? Well, you have to find that out for yourself. I could not stop smiling at the end of this book. This is what Jeffers’ books do to you – they make you smile and that is enough, sometimes more than enough.

Lost and Found

The second one which I lapped right after this was, “Lost and Found” – a story of an unlikely friendship between a boy and a penguin. This is about how friendships are forged in the most unlikely places and how sometimes you just have to do what you have to, to make them work. Another picture book (well with text as well) to warm the soul.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

“The Incredible Book Eating Boy” is for all readers and the non-readers as well. It is delightful. It is adorable and it is about books and a boy who eats them and what eventually happens to him. This for the most obvious reasons has to be my favourite of all the eight books.

The Heart and the Bottl The fourth and the fifth then were, “The Heart and the Bottle” and “This Moose Belongs to Me” – both uncannily about letting go and finding love in places, one did not expect to. These books mind you are for kids and that is just fantastic about them – they teach without being preachy and at the same time, your child and you (hopefully) will appreciate the illustrations and stories that Oliver has to tell.

This Moose Belong to Me

The sixth book which I read was, “Stuck” – a story about a boy and his kite which is stuck in the tree and what he does to get it back. It is hilarious, fantastical and almost a laugh-out loud book. Oliver Jeffers has this quality to him – his books can make a dull day all bright and happy and that should be reason enough to read them.


The seventh book which was a treat was, “The Way Back Home” – self-reflective of the title, a friendship on the moon between a boy and an alien and the need to go back home for both of them and how they manage that. The universal theme of home made me yearn for my own. It was simply beautiful.

The Way Back Home

Last but not the least (he has for sure written more and I cannot wait to get my hands on all of them) was “Up and Down” – the continuation of the story of the boy and the penguin in “Lost and Found” another adorable story, well told.

Up and Down

Oliver Jeffers’ books can be read anytime – over and over again. I most certainly will. Like I said, it just warms the soul. The illustrations are just perfect and so are the stories – meant for all. It just makes you see the child within you which is so needed in times such as these.

And what I found is even better: A trailer for the movie Lost and Found. Can’t wait to watch the movie now.

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One thought on “The World of Oliver Jeffers

  1. booksaremyfavouriteandbest

    I’m a huge fan of Jeffers as well. Treated myself to a Jeffers print last year and my kids said “Is it really for grown-ups?!” Yes, as you’ve discovered, it most certainly is. I cried when I first read Heart Bottle and have laughed out loud at many of his stories. My favourites? Lost & Found and Stuck.


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