387 Short Stories: Day 113 to Day 122

A quick roundup yet again:

Day 113: 1st of April 2014: The Skin Thing by Adrian Van Young
Day 114: 2nd of April 2014: The Knowers by Helen Phillips
Day 115: 3rd of April 2014: Before by Lucy Corin
Day 116: 4th of April 2014: Marabou by Joy Williams
Day 117: 5th of April 2014: Tributaries by Ramona Ausubel
Day 118: 6th of April 2014: Pelion by Mario Alberto Zambrano
Day 119: 7th of April 2014: Notes on a War-Torn Childhood by Sara Novic
Day 120: 8th of April 2014: The Tablecloth of Turin by Ron Carlson
Day 121: 9th of April 2014: Toast by Matt Sumell
Day 122: 10th of April 2014: Home Run by Steven Millhauser

So that was it, in the last 10 days.


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