Read Everywhere


Read while waiting for a friend.
If the friend does not show up, even better. You have more time to read.

Read on a date.
If the person is boring, then you are saved by a book.
If the person is not boring, he or she will understand your need to read.

Read on a coffee break at work.
Ignore the world of office gossip and immerse yourself in the world of words.

Read while waiting for the bus or the train.
Read so much that you get lost and the bus and the train just pass by.

Read like there is no tomorrow. Like perhaps you will not live to read another day.
And if someone asks you why, tell them to leave you alone.

Read when you are tired.
You will for sure be refreshed.

Read at a restaurant.
It is better than checking out random people and looking at a couple fighting at another table.

Read when you want to be comforted.
A book will be with you for a longer period than you imagined.

Read while vacuuming.
Read as you give instructions to someone to do the housework as you get lost and the help just giggles, knowing that nothing can be done about you.

Read while walking. Get lost in the pages.
Do walk on the pavement though. You do not want to get run over.

Read on the bench. Read till the lights come on in the park.
Read till the watchman tells you that it is time to leave.

Read at the end of the day.
Read when you wake up.
Read in-between the day.
Because, perhaps, there is no set time to read.

Read like your life depends on it.
Read like you have all the time in the world.

Read knowing that other people may not approve it.
Read knowing that you do not care about what people think.

At the end of it, for me, it is all about reading.
Reading everywhere, without a care.


One thought on “Read Everywhere

  1. M P

    Yes, if there are millions of reasons to read (like these), there are … zillions of benefits (myriad more than we can ever realize..). Great post (esp. in these days when things-cyber have ‘usurped’ the pleasure of reading from many of us)!


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