387 Short Stories: Day 86 to Day 97

Since I was travelling and reading at the same time, I could not update the stories read, as I was in a place which had no network to speak of, and when I got back, I was too busy with work and everything else in-between. So here I am updating it right now.

Day 86: Story 86: 5th of March 2014: Homage to Switzerland by Ernest Hemingway
Day 87: Story 87: 6th of March 2014: Extra by YiYun Li
Day 88: Story 88: 7th of March 2014: My Oedipus Complex by Frank O’Connor
Day 89: Story 89: 8th of March 2014: My Dream of Flying to Wake Island by J.G. Ballard
Day 90: Story 90: 9th of March 2014: Aunt Kipp by Louisa May Alcott
Day 91: Story 91: 10th of March 2014: The Beauties by Anton Chekov
Day 92: Story 92: 11th of March 2014: Little Roger’s Night in the Church by Susan Coolidge
Day 93: Story 93: 12th of March 2014: Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving
Day 94: Story 94: 13th of March 2014: Lawns by Mona Simpson
Day 95: Story 95: 14th of March 2014: Grace Darling by James Baldwin
Day 96: Story 96: 15th of March 2014: Nothing Missing But the Samovar by Penelope Lively
Day 97: Story 97: 16th of March 2014: At Clancy’s Wake by Stephen Crane

Hope you read and love them as much as I did.


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