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387 Short Stories: Day 85: Story 85: The Jungle by Elizabeth Bowen

The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen Title: The Jungle
Author: Elizabeth Bowen
Taken from: The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen is one of those writers who grow on you. It has been years since I have been reading her. She is almost a friend now. One of those best friends, I can safely say and no matter how dark her writing can get, I somehow find it comforting and seek refuge in it, all the time.

Today was one of those days and her book was right beside me. So I turned to a page and it happened to be “The Jungle”. This story is rather unique according to me. It speaks of adolescence – of friendship and at the same time, there is this understated tragedy at the heart of it. It is about teenage girls and the plot behind the school, they refer to as “the jungle”.

The story is striking and will appeal to people of all ages and perhaps also remind you of your teenage years. Bowen is not sugar coating anything. She talks about everything under the sun – relationships, sexuality and the conditions that surround them. A read not to be missed.

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387 Short Stories: Day 79 to Day 84 : Updated till the 3rd of March 2014

These were the stories read from Day 79 to Day 84 and I have loved and enjoyed each and every one of them.

Day 79: The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich. Taken from the collection: The Red Convertible: Collected and New Stories: 1978-2008

Day 80: Hinterlands by William Gibson. Taken from the collection: Burning Chrome

Day 81: Mary and Martha by Sarah Orne Jewett. Taken from the collection: A White Heron and Other Stories

Day 82: Summer Novella by Stefan Zweig. Taken from the collection: Kaleidoscope and Other Stories

Day 83: The Land of Go by Lynne Barrett

Day 84: A Drowning Incident by Cormac McCarthy