387 Short Stories : Day 70 : Story 70 : The Adulterous Woman by Albert Camus

Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus Title: The Adulterous Woman
Author: Albert Camus
Taken from the Collection: Exile and The Kingdom

Albert Camus is most famous for his novels. But I think his short stories are equally stunning and full of meaning. “The Adulterous Woman” is one such story. It is about a married couple, Janine and Marcel, living in Algeria. The story opens as they travel on business by bus.

Janine is full of life and sees her husband as being busy with no time for her, when that is not the case. She sees herself as being full of life, vitality and endowed with more sexual energy than her husband. The story spirals from there and that is the magic of Camus’s writing. He takes a common couple, their life and gives the reader a brilliant platter of emotions.

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