387 Short Stories: Day 44 to Day 48: Stories Read

Day 44 to Day 48 went by very fast. 5 stories were read and since I did not want to write separate posts about them for now, I decided to club them in one post. So here goes:

Day 44: Story 44: The Gun by Philip K. Dick. Taken from the Collection: Beyond Lies the Wub

Beyond Lies The Wub by Philip K Dick

A story of space explorers who are investigating a deserted planet. A ruined city. A gun which shot most of them down. It is a thriller of a story. A roller coaster ride and yet a sci-fi story so well layered. Philip K. Dick after all, was not a master of tales just like that. A read you must give a shot to.

Day 45: Story 45: Summer People by Ann Beattie. Taken from the Collection: Where You’ll Find Me and Other Stories

Where You'll Find Me and Other Stories by Ann Beatie

It takes a man to meet a stranger to realize that he is not connecting with his wife. The unraveling is the genius of the short-story writer. She makes everything seem so out of the ordinary and then suddenly the unexpected hits you. Only a few writers are capable of this. She is one of them.

Day 46: Story 46: Jacob’s Hands: A Fable by Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood.

Jacob's Hands

You bring two giants to write a short story and this is what you get: A story beyond words or imagination. It is a complex and absurd relationship between a healer, Jacob and the woman who he heals – Sharon, and how their paths cross and what happens to them as individuals. It is about love, redemption and its insecurity.

Day 47: Story 47: Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston. Taken from the Collection: The Complete Stories

The Complete Stories

Sweat is about a woman Delia – who is a washerwoman and she is Black and has an abusive marriage. The story revolves around her, her husband Sykes and his mistress Bertha. The dynamics of this trio are brilliantly observed and noted by Hurston and there is more to what meets the eye. Delia is a formidable female character that I have come across recently and the story is nuanced and peppered with a lot of humor and also revenge in a generous dose.

Day 48: Story 48: The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway. Taken from the Collection: The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories

The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories

Ernest Hemingway had to be read anyway. Without or without this initiative. The story is about Harry, who is dying in Africa while on a safari. He is recounting his life and memories and how has he lived. He does not care about anything now. For me, it was this surreal nature of this story that has led to scouring more works of Hemingway and reading them – one book at a time. The nature of Kilimanjaro and the role it plays in the story will leave you speechless. A must read.


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