387 Short Stories: Day 38: Story 38: The Perfect Couple by Russell Banks

The Angel on the Roof by Russell Banks Title: The Perfect Couple
Author: Russell Banks
Taken from the Collection: The Angel on the Roof: The Selected Stories

The story which I read on the 16th of January 2014 was the one written by Russell Banks. It is a shame that not too many people know of him. But according to me, he is one of the best short story writers alive and kicking and perhaps it is time that people read more of him.

“The Perfect Couple” is a story of small-town gossip, ignorance and secrets. Two men buy farmland nearly adjacent. They go back and return years later with a boy and a girl of the same age. They have adopted them and then the speculations begin. The story is written with a lot of tact – something shown and something hidden and that to me is the greatness of Banks. A read not to miss out on.


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