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Book Review: Lovers like you and I by Minakshi Thakur

Lóvers like You and I by Minakshi Thakur Title: Lovers like You and I
Author: Minakshi Thakur
Publisher: Harper Collins India
ISBN: 9789351160298
Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction
Pages: 224
Source: Personal Copy
Rating: 5/5

“Lovers like you and I” by Minakshi Thakur was just another book that I came across at the book store at the Jaipur Literature Festival. I looked at it and the cover did not impress me at all. At that time for sure I was judging the book by its cover; however I realized that the proverb was just proved right in this case. The book was more and beyond the cover. It was a treat to read.

The book is set in Delhi, in the nineties – a different world. A world of possibilities of life and the chance that love would come true. The book explores various aspects of love through the eyes of young Nayan.

Nayan’s journey from that of a girl to a woman is full of questions, emotions, strange answers, life, its longing, despair and interspersed in all of this, are her men and relationships. Salil is the one who is constantly walking in and out of her life – with poetry and backpacking. The one who cannot stay. The one who cannot be held down.

Salil and Nayan’s relationship reminded me of innocence. It reminded me of how it is to love without expecting and yet there is this window open for it to seep through, unexpectedly. For me, “Lovers like you and I” was so much more than just a love story. I am sure the writer also wanted it to be a lot more than just that and that reflects throughout the writing.

“Lovers like you and I” is an ode to time gone by, to love and its ways of the past, to how it was meant to be with poetry mingled, with unrequited love just hanging there, in between and life just passing by, intermingling with space and ennui.

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