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387 Short Stories: Day 35: Story 35: A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud by Carson McCullers

Wunderkind and Other Stories by Carson McCullers Title: A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud
Author: Carson McCullers
Taken from the Collection: Wunderkind and Other Stories

A woman leaves her husband. She is his wife of “one year, nine months, three days and two nights” and she just leaves one fine day, without as much as a word. The story is about a man’s anger and how it turns to love as he goes on a journey to search his wife and learn the meaning of love.

The story is told plainly. McCullers describes small-town America like no other and with the terrain and the landscape; she also connects the emotions of her characters like no other writer I have known. This short and yet effective story, had its moments for me. A treat for tonight.

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