387 Short Stories: Day 32: Story 32: The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges Title: The Library of Babel
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Taken from the Collection: Ficciones

One writer I have always found a little difficult to read has been Jorge Luis Borges. He just doesn’t say it simply. The writing may seem simple and obvious but the layers to his works are mindboggling. It is almost like a maze, it does not end, till he decides that the reader has had enough. His stories influenced several writers such as Eco, Pratchett, and Greg Bear.

The story read yesterday was one of my favourites, called, “The Library of Babel”. The story is about never-ending libraries – every book that is possibly written is there in the library of Babel and that too, books written in every single language. The story then speaks of the librarian’s despair and the aftermath of all of this.

Borges’s writing is striking – it is complex and yet simple. It takes you on this journey of never-ending thoughts and ideas. He does not give you time to stop thinking. At the end of it, you just want such a library to exist.

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One thought on “387 Short Stories: Day 32: Story 32: The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

  1. Amber

    I couldn’t agree more–Borges is a challenge at times! Out of Ficciones (the half I attempted to figure out) I preferred The Approach to Al-Mu’Tasim and The Circular Ruins.


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