387 Short Stories: Day 30: Story 30: The Enormous Radio by John Cheever

Collected Stories by John Cheever Title: The Enormous Radio
Author: John Cheever
Taken from the Collection: Collected Stories of John Cheever

“The Enormous Radio” is perhaps Cheever’s most subtle story. As a writer, his writing is fascinating and full of surprises, irony and wit. The story is of a couple – Jim and Irene Westcott and how a radio changes their life. It is through the switch of the radio that they listen in to their neighbour’s lives and in the end, their life is ruined as well.

The story is dark, it is lonely, and it is scary as well. At the same time, Cheever does not let go of his trademark – American suburbia and its consequences. The themes of buried secrets and Domestic Gothic stare at the reader quite evidently and become the driving force of the story.

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