387 Short Stories: Day 27: Story 27: To the Cinema by Ali Smith

Free Love and Other Stories by Ali Smith Title: To the Cinema
Author: Ali Smith
Taken from the Collection: Free Love and Other Stories

There are then some writers like Ali Smith that leave big gaps in their narrative. Spaces that can be filled by almost anything. She tends to do that for sure. She will explode the story into bits and you as a reader are left wondering what happened by the end of it all.

“To the Cinema” was today’s story and it is about a Sunday Morning Cinema’s usher’s life, her relationship with movies (her favourite ones that is) and her rocky relationship with her boyfriend Geoff. Smith also speaks of her loss of faith, and to add to it there is another angle to the tale – the attraction that a movie goer feels towards the usher. I love how the story developed and changed tracks, depending on who was narrating it. The quirks are all over the place, which only add to the fantastic story-telling form.


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