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387 Short Stories: Day 26: Story 26: Builders by Richard Yates

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness by Richard Yates

Title: Builders
Author: Richard Yates
Taken from the Collection: Eleven Kinds of Loneliness

Richard Yates’ stories are grim and full of misery. They are about normal everyday people leading grim lives and in that sometimes, he throws in a glimmer of hope and takes it away as cruelly from the reader. I have always loved his novels and today it was his turn in the short story project.

“Builders” is about a cab driver who hires a young writer to turn his experiences to fiction. The story is well bound and told with a detached tone and yet something about it (perhaps humour – a little bit of it) pulls the reader right in. He describes the two worlds that converge most aptly. You can almost experience it and smell the inside of the cab as you read the story.

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Book Review: Lighter than my Shadow by Katie Green

Lighter than my Shadow by Katie Green Title: Lighter than my Shadow
Author: Katie Green
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
ISBN: 9780224090988
Genre: Memoirs, Graphic Novel
Pages: 528
Source: Publisher
Rating: 5/5

I finished reading this book yesterday and could not sleep for a while. I kept thinking about the book and the protagonist, the author, Katie Green and her eating disorder and her life and how she made her peace with her condition. The book is also a lot more than just that. It is about the choices we make in life; it is about what makes us and what does not, the mistakes we make and ultimately also about forgiving ourselves in the larger scheme of things.

I do not know how or when an eating disorder happens, but after reading the book, I could empathize a lot with the author’s condition. I emotionally eat a lot. I eat when I am upset. I eat when I am sad and then there have also been times, when I have wanted to throw up everything I ate, because I did not feel good about myself. I could also see Katie going through the same as she chronicles that side of her life in “Lighter than my Shadow”.

Sample 1

All I can say is that it takes a lot of courage to bare your story. To talk about what you felt and how you felt – to speak of your friends’ reaction, your family and their support, the emotional scars and how one tries so hard to do what one wants to. The need to be accepted and the need to remain stable are depicted beautifully through Katie’s illustrations. The sense of madness and how knowing that life is falling apart and needs to be mended is the strongest tone and voice of the book.

Sample 2

Most of the conditions come from our own society. I guess we place a lot of value on how one should look and what should the parameters me. I see a lot of young ones – teens mostly who are constantly worried about how much they eat and the next waist size they will reach to. The book is probably perfect for that audience – only because in a way it is about a life and what we learn as we go along.

Sample 3

Katie Green infuses life and tells her story the way it is meant to be – with great emotion and sensitivity. She distances herself and watches her story unfold and give it to the reader, the way it is – honestly and makes one belief that there is hope for all of us after all.

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