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387 Short Stories: Day 12: Story 12: Atonement by Syed Rafiq Hussain

The Mirror of Wonders and Other Tales

Title: Atonement
Author: Syed Rafiq Hussain
Taken from: The Mirror of Wonders and Other Tales

A tiger that contemplates the concept of Atonement and Sin. That is the plot of today’s story – which I finished reading some time ago. “Atonement” by Syed Rafiq Hussain was today’s story. Not many would be familiar with this author, neither was I, till a couple of weeks ago, when I picked up, “The Mirror of Wonders and other Tales”, from which today’s story is taken.

“Atonement” is a wonderful story and that too whose hero is a tiger. I loved the way Hussain merged the emotions and sometimes the lack of it, in this beautifully told story. The nuances of everything that comes across in these twenty pages is quite introspective and demands to be read by each and every one, after all it is fun to stumble on a new author once in a while.

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