387 Short Stories: Day 11: Story 11: A Saffron-Coloured Ganesha by Ambai

In A Forest, A Deer

Title: A Saffron-Coloured Ganesh
Author: Ambai
Translator: Lakshmi Holmstrom
Taken from the Collection: In a Forest, A Deer

Today’s story was “A Saffron-Coloured Ganesha” by Ambai. The story is rich with metaphors and ethos. The story was originally written in Tamil and then exquisitely translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom. The story is set in the city of Mumbai – right after the Ganesh festival and focuses on a woman and her simple journey from Andheri to Malad.

On the way, there are scenes – of urban life and of maintaining an ecological balance. Ambai just brings that to fore through this story. Ambai’s story is simple and it seems that there is nothing to it, however there is more to what meets the eye. Ambai can create a world with one scene and Holmstrom does a fantastic job of making it reach her English readers. This is the first time I have read a story by Ambai and for sure it will not be the last one.

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