387 Stories: Day 7: Story 7: Monday or Tuesday by Virginia Woolf

Title: Monday or Tuesday
Author: Virginia Woolf
Taken from the collection: Monday or Tuesday

She confuses you with the very title of the story and the confusion lasts throughout the story. The reader is lost. The reader does not know what is going on and yet the reader has the urge to finish the story. Why? Because of the power of language. “Monday or Tuesday” by Woolf according to me is more of a prose poem. It is a series of unrelated events, that just occur. Now the reader is aware that all of this is happening in a span of a day, that much is clear, which is probably the most comforting part of the story.

Monday or Tuesday by Virgnia Woolf

There are different pieces described in this story and it amazes me as to how Virginia Woolf would have at some point thought of something like this – and also almost maintains a balance between the disjointed elements. A heron taking flight. Description of a Lake. The ongoings of society. She makes you see everything and yet something is hidden. The heron’s perspective it seems doesn’t change and yet blends it beautifully, giving the most logical ending.

Some might have to even reread the story and yet think of making sense of it. I looked at it by not wanting to make sense of it. The elements that were not connected, seemed to fit most beautifully. The stream of consciousness that seeps through is something to be worth experiencing. Read it. I beg of you to read it.

You can read it here: http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/woolf/monday/monday.html#03


One thought on “387 Stories: Day 7: Story 7: Monday or Tuesday by Virginia Woolf

  1. Gita V Reddy

    Yes, it is like disjointed prose and not really a story; rather it is like a picture that is dynamic yet unchanging. Maybe it depicts the story of life. We all have different lives but in the larger picture our lives mirror one another’s.

    This brings to mind another story,’ As a wife has a cow: A love story by Gertrude Stein’. I wish you would review it; I haven’t ever made out anything about the story.


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