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387 Short Stories: Day 3: Story 3: Bad News by Margaret Atwood

Good Bones by Margaret Atwood

Title: Bad News
Author: Margaret Atwood
Taken from the collection: Good Bones

Today I read an unusual short story. It is by one of my favourite authors and short so to say, however for some reason I failed to make sense of it, or perhaps I made quite a lot of sense of it. The story is “Bad News” by Margaret Atwood. Before I get to the story, I must say that I have always been a huge fan of Atwood’s works. I think it started from the time I read The Handmaid’s Tale and was spellbound by both the feminist and dystopian vision of a futuristic writer. Her short stories are also but of course centered on women who are grappling with issues, mostly unknown to them as well.

“Bad News” is a short story – a very short story and mostly the reader does not know the perspective or the background of the narration. It is but obviously narrated or told by a woman, and yet there are times, when you are free to make what you want to of it. “Bad News” is about an event about to happen – the anticipation, the unfolding of it all and has the Medusa like quality to it, which I loved. I must admit, though the story was short, I went back to it, reread and then found so much joy in it. Today’s short story has been truly fulfilling. Just like the other two before this one