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387 Days of Short Stories: Day 2: Story 2: The Whole Town is Sleeping by Ray Bradbury

Title: The Whole Town is Sleeping
Ray Bradbury
Taken From: Dandelion Wine
First Published: 1950s

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury always knows how to do it best. His stories are not all science fiction oriented and neither are they all based in fear or supernatural. He somehow knows how to evoke fear in simple words and plot. Bradbury’s stories evoke terror like no other. This was again the second time I was reading this story and it managed to have the same effect on me, like it did earlier.

“The Whole Town’s Sleeping” is about a town and a murderer who is haunting its women – the Lonely One they call him and it is the story of an evening where three single women head out to watch a film, knowing that the Lonely One is out and large and it is of the consequences of being out, while the whole town is sleeping.

As usual, with all his stories, Bradbury creates an element of suspense. The scene and the atmosphere are created till the very end of the story and bam, there is a punch-line waiting for the reader. The ravine and its monstrosity are depicted stunningly and so is the night and the scenes – the lonely clock, the moon, the drugstore and the cinema hall are macabrely described. The reader’s imagination goes on to a different level while reading this story and I would urge everyone again to read this story.

Review: The Gaysizine Volume 2 – Issue 2 – September 2013

The Gaysizine

I almost jumped at the chance of reviewing this magazine. I had to. It was probably destined. I will not get all mush about it, because there is no reason to. If anything, there is a reason to celebrate that such a varied magazine exists – something which the LGBT Community can relate to and something which is of most importance in times such as ours.

Gaysizine is broad, it is open and more than anything else it is empathetic. It is a bundle of perspectives. A lot of them for that matter – from someone exploring her first love to a bittersweet piece on Family Planning (though that is not what it seems), the pieces just fit together perfectly. The intent was not to write the review today, given in the wake of things, however it just happened to be. Now back to the zine.

There are nineteen pieces in all and while I liked all of them, there were some that I loved. The Crazy Indian Dyke had me in splits and at the same time touched a chord. Fixations was a beautiful piece by Mayank on what it feels like to admire from a distance. I felt eighteen all over again.

The writing is strong and unapologetic and that is how it should be. The writing is brave and honest. The writing is well – just human. Something that I would encourage everyone to read. Because I honestly think it is time, we get to know the other side, even if you do not want to accept, you cannot ignore the community. You have to know. That is all there is to it. Gaysizine is a wonderful and laudable effort. Something that I will constantly hoot for.

The Gaysizine is available at almost all major book and magazine outlets.