387 Days of the Short Story

The short story has always been essential to me. All the time. There is nothing more important to me in the form of literature than the short story. To me, the short story and its methods are sacrosanct. The way it can communicate everything in a couple of pages fascinates me no end.

A short story is a world in itself most of the time, and I want to explore that world. I embark on reading a short story every day starting today and that including this month and the whole of next year makes it 387 days of the Short Story.

The idea is to pick up a short story and a new author every single day, no matter how long or short the story is and then to talk about it. This is open to whosoever, anyone can participate in this. Just would have to send me an email at the end of the day with the story you read and what did you think about it. More so, you cannot skip a single day.

Let me know if you would like to be a part of it. I start today anyway, with one of my most favourite stories, “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” by Alice Munro.


4 thoughts on “387 Days of the Short Story

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  2. Hanne on Cloud 9

    I’m liking the idea and I’m looking forward to your 387 stories, and hopefully discovering some new names and stories! Good luck.

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