What I am Leaving Behind…My Books.

Books play a role in my life like no other. They have always been there and now as I move cities, I would be leaving them behind but also hoping to get them one carton and another as and when I can. There are so many memories and so many books. I am not bragging. Merely stating and showing what I am going to leave behind. So here goes…


This one is stacked against 4 bookshelves. They are full to the brim with more books.

This is another one stacked against the wall:


More to come:

The 3rd Pile.

The 3rd Pile.

They are just about everywhere at home.

They are just about everywhere at home.


Books on the cupboard and books in the cupboard…



Another shelf:


Last Two:


No monsters under the bed.

No monsters under the bed.

Ten pictures and that is that. This is what my life is all about. I will miss them so so much. But maybe a new city. A new library. These will join them too. Eventually.


21 thoughts on “What I am Leaving Behind…My Books.

    1. thehungryreader Post author

      Counted. Too embarrassed to state the figure. He he. πŸ™‚ I will take them with me. One by one and all that. πŸ˜€

  1. nitin vadher

    from where, where are you going? from which city you are shifting also one personal question have you purchased all books or its given by some firm for reviewing?

  2. ladynimue

    I love the books kept in the bed. Planning to have a similar set up when I move into my home. as of now , i keep them partly with me and half of them in parent’s place.

    and oh , where you be moving ?
    Good luck with all new stuff πŸ™‚

  3. Dede Cummings

    Love thisβ€”I kept trying to read all the titles…some of my faves in there. Can you send us an actual list? Better yet, come to our Facebook Group Page: What Books (Be Honest) Are On Your Bedside Table,” and ask to join, then we can all share these photos, and celebrate your new adventure πŸ™‚

  4. iamrobinj

    There must be lots of knowledge inside. I think it’s cool to tell you that you got a library with those. I hope you will inspire others to read more books also.

  5. Parag Mayekar


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  6. Nish

    OMG…So many books. I was looking through the titles, what little I could spot. I saw Roald Dahl, George R.R.Martin and Infinite Jest. You really have very diverse tastes in books πŸ™‚

    Love the pictures and you can always ship them one by one after you are settled in your new place.

  7. Naresh

    I stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed your reviews. I am a publisher (2 novels published) in search of identity and would feel privileged to get reviewed by you.
    I will be happy to send a copy to you (soft copy or hard copy. Whichever you feel convenient enough). Let me know if you are interested.
    I’d love to hear back from you. You may contact me at mallam.nareshgoud@gmail.com

    Best Regards,

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