When Bookstores Shut…

…a part of the child’s imagination is lost forever.
…a part of civilization is lost and that cannot be brought back ever again.
…understanding, empathy and excitement is lost.
…a part of me dies silently and no one mourns that part, but me.
…you take away the best of the civilization and sell your soul to the worst.
…you do not have anything to talk about to the coming generation. They only have their toys and gadgets.
…kids do not know what they have missed out on. Hopefully some parents will let them know.
…people do not care. Some do. And lives are led with the same precision and monotony.
…lovers do not read poetry to each other.
…you lose a friend or in other cases, a lot of friends.
…you wonder the use of a bookmark.
…there is nothing to make you think or make you believe.
…your dreams are colourless and more so lifeless.
…you cannot know the joy of smelling fresh pages, the ink and the glue that binds them.
…you will never know the difference between a hardcover or a paperback.
…you will try and substitute books for a device and an app but it won’t come close to reading.
…you will hold on to your books with your dear life and not let them go out of sight.
…you will realize the value of books and maybe understanding reading.
…you will start reading, which will be ironic, but then maybe better late than never.
…you will look for that one open bookstore and you will not find it.
…you will go online and try and search for that book, but the experience will not be the same.
…in all probability, you the reader, will turn to a zombie.

…your mind will become numb, fingers will not know the feel of a new book, everything will seem dull, and there will be nothing left besides the new cafe, restaurant or an ugly mall, where a bookstore used to stand tall.

7 thoughts on “When Bookstores Shut…

    1. thehungryreader Post author

      Clearly it is not similar to what I love and adore, which is reading and books and definitely not to pose as a scholar. 🙂

      1. Happi

        Oopsie!! It went the wrong way.. with all due respect the last line in my blog was only meant for me. It was just a fun piece.
        I repeat again I hold in reverence your writings and your knowledge.

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  2. obsessivemom

    Your post strikes a sad note, more so considering we had an old old bookstore shutting in our city recently. Of late I have come to depend a lot on flipkart but there’s nothing like browsing in a bookstore, to feel a book before you decide to buy it.

  3. manjulikapramod

    I can’t imagine life without books.. actually so many sorrowful incidents would happen if the bookstores shut down…


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