Books and Waiting

There are times I could drown myself in books and would not mind it all. I do not crave for the company of people anymore. They somehow do not matter in the larger scheme of things. Books on the other hand do. Books have been there always. Since consciousness kicked in, or I should say awareness of what books could do to my life. Change it beyond belief.

It is not that I do not like meeting people. I do. All the time. But most make me wait and it is then that I thank my better judgment for carrying that book along with me. I then do not care about waiting. People can then make me wait all they want. I have a book to read. That then happens more so. It is like the universe wants it to happen. Anyway, people then become boring after fifteen minutes into the conversation. Books do not.

The great thing about a book is that it can be read anywhere. At a bus-stop. At a railway platform. Outside a café and inside a café. When waiting for your turn at a job interview, where you are invariably waiting without any sense of time, since but of course the corporate folk could not care. But not to worry. You have a book towed with you.

I also read while waiting for something boring to end. Like a wedding reception. Oh yes I have done that as well! I remember the first time I did it, I was yelled at by my parents. I was thirteen. By the time I turned eighteen, they could not do much.

I don’t understand why people feel bad when I am travelling with them and I decide to read. So big deal, isn’t it? They can listen to music if they want to or read as well. Why the need to indulge in chatter all the time?

On the other hand, dates that ditch you deserve a nasty message and then I quietly remove the “book of the day/week” from my bag and that incident is long-forgotten. Books also make you wait. The ones that are yet to be released. You count days. You wait. Sometimes patiently and sometimes not so patiently. But there is no other choice. I remember waiting for Murakami’s latest like no other book. I am sure people would empathize with me because they have also waited for most books – especially after the Potter series. I wait for the postman/courier guy almost every single day. In anticipation of the books that will come by through post and they do. Sometimes one and sometimes in bulk. Always ensuring to exact a smile on my face.

I have also waited with same eagerness for the books reserved at the library. For the one phone call to let me know that they are now available to be borrowed. I do not mind waiting for people to turn up now. It does not matter. I used to fret earlier. Not anymore. There is always this knowledge that I can read and nothing to beat that. Ever.


3 thoughts on “Books and Waiting

  1. ladynimue

    I never mind waiting for the very reason , it gives me time to read 😀
    And yes , having met a guy who doesn’t mind if i read while traveling with him in the metro is really a lucky feeling .. 🙂


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