Daily Archives: August 4, 2012

A Letter

Dearest Mom,

I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the world of books. Most mothers your age at that time were buying their children toys and you chose to buy me books. Thank you. When your kids were crying, you did not use a rattle. You used the power of a fairy-tale. The power of words. You made your kids see the importance of a story. Of what it was capable of doing and I thank you for that.

Dad never read much. You did and still do. You continue to learn about the world through reading and we discuss books, you and I, and I am thankful for that. You made us think every step of the way and that was something that only books made us do, through you. So thank you Mom.

In a Sindhi Family, where no one had ever read a novel, you ensured that your children read and I am so happy that you raised us that way. The family discussed Bollywood, and you discussed books with us. Thanks again Mom.

You taught us to also use a dictionary. To find meanings as we read along. To not come asking for words and their meanings from you. Thank you Mom.

When birthdays would be round the corner, you took us to bookshops and made us buy books. The rest will get taken care of you said and it did.

When we achieved something at school or we did not, we knew what we could get from you. Yes. A book.

When Dad would crib and complain about the size of the bookshelf, you nodded and smiled and made space for more books to enter our lives.

I am not being sentimental Mom. I am being realistic. It is because of you that I love books. It is only because of you that I get excited every time I receive a new book. I share the book with you. We discuss books. I can talk about books with friends, but it is a different feeling when I share my thoughts with you. If you aren’t aware about what I say, you ask. We talk some more. Books have somehow strengthened our bond even more so and I could not be happier.

Books have seen us through tough times. Waiting at the hospital during a family emergency, you and I – seated and reading. We could not sleep. And then there have been good times with books as well. The time when we went on a family picnic (One of its kind. We do not do that anymore) and all we did was laze and read.

I cannot thank you enough Mom. You have given me something that I will always be grateful to you for. Today when I see parents buying their kids another technologically ridden gadget, I cannot help but thank my lucky stars that you had better sense. That you gave me a book when you did.

Lots of Love,
Forever and More,
The Reader in Me.