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I Read.

When the stabbing pain becomes unbearable, I read.
When the whole world is crazy (which is most of the time), I read.
When nothing else makes sense in this world, I read.
When all of it and more humanity is lost, I believe in books and so I read.
When all hope is lost, I read.
When nothing else can heal me, I read.
When I want to block out people from my head and heart, I read.
When I want to visit imaginary lands, I read.
When I want to visit lands that exist and are made new in every other book, I read.
When you do not matter, I read.
When the perfect weather calls for it, I read.
When the perfect weather does not call for it, I read.
When I am waiting at a spot for a person who doesn’t value my time, I read.
When I wake up in the morning, I do not read the newspaper. But, I read.
When people do not matter (most of the time), I read.
When my thoughts need to gather and calm down, I read.
When I need my thoughts to go in every direction, I read.
When I feel dejected, I read.
When I am happy, after hugging my family and friends, I read.
When I am drinking my cup of chai, I read.
When it is daytime, in-between work, I read.
When it is night-time, in-between tweeting, I read.
When there is the accumulated rage, I read.
When I have nothing to say to anyone, I read.
When I want my life to make some sense, I read.
When I want to keep the demons at bay, I read.
When I want my life to be surrounded by bliss and happiness, there is only one way I know of, so, I read.
When you do not understand me, I read.
When I do not understand you, I read.
When words cannot be applied in reality, I read.
When reality cannot be applied to words, I read.
When people judge, I read.

There is only one thing, which I hope I could all the time. I can’t. So whenever I can, I do. I read.

Book Review: The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger

Title: The Newlyweds
Author: Nell Freudenberger
Publisher: Viking
ISBN: 978-0670921843
Genre: Literary Fiction
Pages: 352
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4/5

When people from two different cultures marry each other, there is a lot at risk. The knowing that adaptation would have to be the order of the day at some point is very difficult to come to terms with. Not only that, but also the everyday living becomes a herculean task, which then becomes something to deal with. To make a life together is something that one needs to think of as top priority. This is the theme of Nell Freudenberger’s book, “The Newlyweds”.

The book is written more from the perspective of the wife than the husband, but then I am sure the author had her reasons for doing so. The plot: Amina and George are not your typical American couple. Amina is a Bengali woman from Bangladesh, flying to Rochester, New York to marry an American she met online. She will go to any lengths to bring her parents to America to live with her. From the first page the action in the book begins and lasts throughout with immense force, depicting not only cultural differences but also emotional ones.

Nell Freudenberger has created a poignant and real drama of how couples live today. The story is mainly about Amina and her dreams. The means and methods used by her to make them come true. I was a little disappointed that George’s character was explored fully, and thought that maybe he had a lot to say and do, which would have only added to the book’s overall experience.

Freudenberger’s world is fascinating to observe. The daily on-goings between the couple and the others who are a part of their lives, are interesting to watch. The Newlyweds is an interesting read. It is a portrait of a peculiar marriage and yet there is so much more beneath that. What do we share? Who do we trust? What secrets do we want to disclose? The Newlyweds is a love story, a story of alienation, a story of wanting it all and sometimes not getting it all. It is a book that exudes emotion on every page and does not get too sentimental about it. A great read for sure.

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