Book Review: Overseas by Beatriz Williams

Title: Overseas
Author: Beatriz Williams
Publisher: Putnam Adult
ISBN: 978-0399157646
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pages: 464
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4/5

I do not read romance novels, so I was a bit hesitant to read, “Overseas” by Beatriz Williams. It was touted as a romance novel, and let me tell you, that that is a misconception when it comes to this one. It is very different from the genre and the change is refreshing.

“Overseas” is a love-story. That I have to agree, however it is different and when I say that, I mean it. It has almost everything mixed in it – sci-fi, romance, historical element and contemporary adult fiction and may be that is why it serves the purpose of being a book for almost all types of readers.

It is 2007. Kate Wilson works on Wall Street – she is the regular analyst who meets billionaire investment genius Julian Laurence at a meeting. He can have any woman in the world. She is attracted to him from the first sight. What she doesn’t know is a past that starts right from France during World War I. When she does come to know, she is in for a big shock and a surprise that will change her life forever.

Some reviewers compare this book to the Outlander Series or to The Time Traveler’s Wife. I did not find that comparison suitable. For me as a standalone novel it was quite a satisfactory read. Thought I must also add that at some point, I found it a bit too conversational and descriptive. The book is not realistic. Remember that before picking it up. It is set in a time and place where maybe you cannot relate to it, but want it nonetheless – a star-crossed romance. Now to the positives.

I loved the way the book was written when it came to the plot. Agreed that it is a Cinderella type-of-romance, but I give it to Ms. Williams for the way she has thought of the plot in her head and put it on paper. The central characters are well-developed and add to the root of the story. Ms. Williams does not let her characters change themselves for the sake of romance and that was one of the things which I loved about the book, besides others.

As a debut novel, Overseas is very-well written. It is a light read and may be as a reader, I need to remind myself that I need a read like this once a while. A good harmless fantasy and romance read always helps once a while. I actually cannot wait to read Beatriz William’s next book.


One thought on “Book Review: Overseas by Beatriz Williams

  1. Robyn

    I am the biggest fan of “Outlander” so I was excited to hear that this book might come close. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I do like to research books before purchasing them. Thanks for the review. I just finished the funniest romance book. It is called, “Jan’s Excellent Romance: Applesauce and Andy” by Lindsay Hall. It takes place in a café in Long Island, NY. The characters in the book are hilarious and so well developed. You’re going to love Andy Hudson, the love interest. A mouth-watering studly male, successful, nice … mmmm. It’s funny, sexy and just heart warming. I’m going to read this book over and over again, just like the “Outlander” books!


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