Book Review: Imperfect Mr. Right by Shakti Salgaokar

Title: Imperfect Mr. Right
Author: Shakti Salgaokar
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7991-662-9
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 246
Source: Author
Rating: 4/5

So I will be honest and say that I started reading, “Imperfect Mr. Right” by Shakti Salgaokar with great trepidation (after all the cover was Pink). The book did not fall into the genre I am used to reading and so I thought I would not be able to connect with the book at any level. But that’s just the way I tend to read sometimes – basis my past experiences and how they will shape the next book I want to read.

And then I was pleasantly surprised on reading the book. The story is simple and to the point. The author does not beat round the bush and that works in a light read. So if you are looking for a complex read then this book is not for you. Having said that, sometimes we all need that simple and light reading that works to de-stress and leave you with a smile at the end.

“Imperfect Mr. Right” is about how an ordinary perfume salesman becomes famous (well almost) and how fame sometimes can or cannot change lives. The protagonist Rahul Rajgopal is your ordinary run-of-the-mill unassuming perfume salesman at a mall, who is happy and almost satisfied with his job, till something big knocks on his door in the form of a reality TV Show, “A Match Made in Heaven”. Through this he would pick the perfect bride for himself and the channel would pay for everything – grooming to making him look like a Londoner of lineage and sophistication and of course with pot-loads of money. This is the plan of the TV Network headed by Avinash Menon. Rahul agrees to be a part of the show and his world changes thereon with Avinash’s entourage (his wife Sherry included who according to me was a subdued and one of the best characters I’ve come across in Indian Fiction) including people who will groom Rahul, and change his personality to match that of an NRI, called Raj.

On the other hand, there is Tanya Kher, a media planner at Mumbai’s biggest advertising agency. She is brash, confident, raking in the money, on high heels and sees the world with a different perspective from that of Rahul. She breaks down one fine day, giving in to corporate and peer pressure and realizes that this is not the life she wants to lead. By chance and pure coincidence, she lands up as a contestant on the reality TV Show and realizes that she is falling for Raj and despises him at the same time (his fake persona that is). What follows is the usual boy-and-girl harbouring feelings till realization dawns at the end of a scripted reality TV show.

The book is, like I said easy reading and at the same time there are moments when I wanted to more about some characters and that was not there in the book. Shakti’s writing is clear and not detailed, which I like in a book. The readers need to imagine. Not everything can be spoon-fed by the writer. At the same time, the plot is simple, almost close to being thread-bare, but effective. For me, what worked was the style of writing, simple and to the point. Imperfect Mr. Right is a light read for a breezy Sunday Afternoon.

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