Daily Archives: April 1, 2012

Why Kids Don’t Read?

Kids do not imagine because they do not read. The concept of discovering flying carpets and trees that speak and dogs that follow is lost on them. Well, but of course, the iPad has taken over or so it seems. Kids do not read because parents do not have the time to introduce them to stories by reading to them at night. Kids do not read because parents haven’t read in their lives and are too busy focusing on their grades and extra-curricular activities and what will it take for them to apply to a University in the United States of America. Sadly, good literature isn’t a criterion. Kids do not read because they are too busy posing for pictures which the mother will eventually upload on Facebook and use it to change her BlackBerry display picture, once every four hours.

Kids do not read because they haven’t seen the insides of a library. They do not know what it feels like to visit one – to see stacks and rows of books, to want to pick one of them and get lost is beyond their imagination. Kids do not read because they do not see their parents reading. They find the need to be inconsequential, and maybe it is, for the entire family. Kids do not read because they are busy comparing the new gadgets bought and which is the latest version of Angry Birds – whether in space or not.

Kids do not read because it isn’t the cool thing to do. Kids do not read because some teachers do not introduce them to reading, and I have seen this take place in some schools. Kids do not read because they do not have the patience. They get intimidated by the size of a book. Once in a while comes a Harry Potter series but that’s just once in a while. Moreover, the younger lot is happier watching the film version than reading the books.

Kids do not read because television and homework have take over their lives. They are not interested in the concept of paper and glue, and weaved words of fantasy and imagination. Children do not know Enid Blyton, but I am sure they know the name of the new Salman Khan movie. That’s how things stand today. They do not read. They do not imagine. It is as simple as that and I hope that that changes. I hope parents read to them at night, when the moon is high in the sky and the stillness in the air makes way for dreams – of the whispering trees, of wizards and dwarves, of broomsticks and magic, of a horse called Black Beauty, of 20000 leagues under the sea, and a world that is still not lost. The world of reading.