Why Do I Read?

Why I read? This is one question I have never had a problem answering. It is easy. As easy as breathing and sometimes easier than that. Books have changed my world and life from the time I could understand their importance in my life and that’s why I read. Reading takes me to places and makes me feel which maybe human beings don’t most of the time and that’s why I read. I read because there are times I feel that is the only thing I know how to do best and maybe that’s true, and so I don’t question. I read.

When I come home from work, that has taken my very last breath of the day, and managed to quite successfully make me not believe in the business of living, books give me new life. They assure me that all will be ok, no matter what and then the only thing left to do is read. I read because books do not judge. They do not question and they do not provide all answers of life, and that sometimes is ok, and that is why – I read.

There are authors who move me. There are authors who make me smile. There are authors who bend my mind and pull it in a thousand different directions, and that is reason enough to read. Books provide the much needed sanctuary. They are about people and their lives and yet I do not have to deal with people. I do not have to speak with anyone. I just have to find my corner in the house and read.

The simplicity that a book and several cups of tea provide is only known to someone who reads. I am glad to have found this comfort and I continue finding it almost every single day. So I read. I read because words speak and they speak in different emotions. They listen as well if you get them to. I read not because it makes me think (mostly it does) but because it makes me feel.

Books lead you in, they tempt you, they seduce you, they make you lust for them and then they fall in love with you, as much as you fall in love with them, and when you are in love, you read. You read because it saves you and doesn’t promise salvation, because sometimes as a first-time reader, you just don’t get it. I read because reading continues to save me. I read because it is the only comfort. I read because in life there are few things I cherish and reading is one of them. I read because there is no other way to be. None whatsoever.


9 thoughts on “Why Do I Read?

  1. Jessa

    I feel the same way you do. Reading is a passion I will carry into when I am old. I hope my unborn children will enjoy reading as much as I do.

  2. Maggie

    I read because I have never gone very long without reading. I don’t know what I’d do without books and the written word.

  3. Harshvardhan

    A heartfelt ode to books and reading. Very well written. I’m sure books love you as much as you love them. 🙂
    Happy reading!

  4. Neelansh itkan

    I am stopping by, second time to this particular post of yours as It has absolutely stolen my thoughts on reading and why I do that. You have portrayed it so well. Love it.
    Can I copy it? 😛
    Break a Leg(In reading),

  5. Rehab

    I read because it defines happiness. I read so that I can think. I read so that I can write.

    I like that you compared reading with breathing.

  6. adwait

    After reading this i feel honored to know you personally. Yes i mean it. You gave words to my feelings.


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