Hachette India at the 20th World Book Fair, Delhi

World Book Fair is the biggest book event in India. It is hosted in the capital city – Delhi and it is a festival of books that lasts for a week. There is much pomp and show but beyond all this there is love for books, as expressed by the common man, whose need is fed by the publishers or anyone who has to do anything with books.

Hachette India was one amongst the beautiful stalls at the Fair. I did not get the chance to visit the fair (very unfortunate), however I did get the updates from the folks at Hachette India and decided to write this feature on them. The 20th World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan began quite excitingly for one of the biggest publishers of the country. The titles hosted by them are not only interesting but also varied – from literary fiction to non-fiction to children’s titles.

I have always loved their range of titles – in fact I have read and reviewed most of them last year and continue to do so. Last year included titles such as, “Steve Jobs – the authorized biography”, “The House of Silk”, “Travelling Diva”, “The Diary of Amos Lee”, and “The Devotion of Suspect X” to name a few. These titles made it big at the fair as well. To add to these there were titles from every genre – Literary Fiction (Atwood), Mystery and Crime (Ian Rankin and Yrsa Sigurdardottir), Science Fiction and Fantasy (Robert Jordan, Tom Holt and SF Masterworks), to Non-Fiction and the Children’s section as well.

Hachette has had a great start in India and more so with their Indian fiction range as well – Overwinter by Ratika Kapur was one of their big titles for January 2012, Travelling Diva (as mentioned earlier) is a brilliant cookery book, which is unlike anything your regular off-the-mill recipe book, and not to forget, Roopa Farooki’s The Flying Man. The bags in which books were sold by Hachette were also talked about at the fair – but obviously considering they were themed after “True Blood”, which happens to be written by their author, Charlaine Harris.

All in all – the week long fair proved to be awesome for folks at Hachette. Their stall was much appreciated and I can only hope to be there next year and soak in as many books as I can. Hall no 2, Stalls 529-548 were flooding with books and it was a reader’s paradise.


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