Book Review: The Krishna Coriolis Series: Flute Of Vrindavan (Book – 3) by Ashok K. Banker

Title: Flute of Vrindavan – Book 3 – The Krishna Coriolis Series
Author: Ashok K. Banker
Publisher: Harper Collins India
ISBN: 978-9350291924
Genre: Mythology
Pages: 272
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3/5

I did not read Ashok Banker’s Ramayana. I do not know, however I did not. Moreover, I prefer The Mahabharata over Ramayana, so maybe that is why. Having said that, when Harper Collins India sent me an installment of The Krishna Coriolis Series, I was only too glad to read and review it.

The third installment in this series is called, “Flute of Vrindavan” focuses on the infant Krishna and his half-brother Balarama and the childhood of the naughty god-child. The book centers on Kamsa working and building on his powers to superhuman proportions to slay the infant and not succeeding. Meanwhile it dawns on Yashoda that the baby she is trying to protect is in fact the protector of the world. Kamsa also tries to kill the infant in this book by using Jarasandha and yet is unable to. Nanda then leads his people into exile in Vrindavan, which again is not safe from its own share of problems. This is where Krishna and his perils begin – where he has to play God and be the infant that he is.

I have not read the first two installments in the series, so I cannot say much with reference to those; however as a standalone book as well, I could understand this one. Krishna is one of the most prayed to gods in our country and yet his charm is also what makes him so endearing.

As a God or God-like figure, I have always found Krishna to be more accessible. The book was average. I liked the sub-plots and Krishna’s adventures. The language was fine and the writing was good, the characters are close to the myth and readers who know their mythology will be able to relate to the book. Over all, I would recommend that you read the first two parts of the book and then read this one. It would make more sense to do that.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Krishna Coriolis Series: Flute Of Vrindavan (Book – 3) by Ashok K. Banker

  1. Reema Sahay

    After reading a host of books on ‘Mahabharata’, I have just started collating books on ‘Ramayana’. I am yet to read Ashok Banker’s series though. Hear a lot about it!

  2. silvia gonzalez

    i will love to read the Mahabharata…which edition and author will you recomend me?
    Easy and nicely written..
    thank you


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