Book Review: The Girls Behind the Gunfire by Trisha Ray

Title: The Guns Behind the Gunfire
Author: Trisha Ray
Publisher: Harper Collins India
ISBN: 978-9350290729
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 304
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5/5

Ok so I read The Girls behind the Gunfire by Trisha Ray in one sitting. It is a fast read and one doesn’t have to think too deep or apply any thought to it, which is very good, considering that once in a while, you have to read something not too heavy.

The Girls behind the Gunfire is an action adventure story (Believe it! It is true and it is a decent one at that) about girls and guns (as the title evidently suggests). The story starts with Ritika who is a dork – unpopular and intelligent. She does not know how to behave in social situations and is always made fun of and it is no surprise that she has a secret.

Enter: Abhishikta, who is enamored by Ritika’s fact – that she is a lethal super-soldier and gets inducted in the foundation – a secret organization created to serve civilization and not humanity. What then takes place is the unearthing of the Foundation’s control over its soldiers and how they do not have the right to think for themselves (almost been there, done that in various science-fiction books).

So here is my take on the book: I liked the way the book was written. The writing was simple and comprehensible. There were parts that I thought I would not get through, however I did – so there was some more editing that the book could have done with. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. It reminded me in bits and pieces of Orwell and Atwood’s writing, but that is also because of the premise in the second half of the book. At the end of it, I would say that the book can be read once. The writing does not disappoint you and neither the characters. It is a fun read, like I said for the times when something light is required.

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