An Interview with Suhel Seth

So I finished reading, “Get to the Top” by Suhel Seth is less than a day’s time and was so taken in that I decided to interview him via email. So here is the short and crisp interview with Suhel Seth. You can read my review here.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


How did you go about the idea of writing the book, “Get to the Top”? Why is there a need for such a book?

This was an idea whose time has come. As India and Indians become socially aspirational, we seem to be in such a rush that we forget basic values and niceties. There is a need to re-visit our cultural and social moorings hence this book.

You speak of reading a lot at the beginning of the book, however what if one is not invited to any party to display his or her knowledge? What should be the step to ensure that one is invited for a party? (If such a thing is possible)

There are no steps to being invited: which is precisely what the book says too. But in order to be invited you have to be interested and interesting which is why reading is one critical facet.

Your literary influences?

Loads: from D H Lawrence to Amartya Sen to biographies to Chaucer to Shakespeare to Heller to Ayn Rand.

One self-help book that you would encourage everyone to read and why?


How are social success and professional success connected?

There is only a linkage of satisfaction and of feeling arrived because of social acceptance. A sweet-meat supplier is also successful but would you have dinner with him or invite him over?

How important is social networking in today’s world? Do networking sites like Linkedin and Twitter really help a person climb the social ladder?

It is important and yes both of these help: we live in an inter-connected world which is why these are so important.

Suhel as a professional…

Focused and sharp

Suhel as a person…

Bold and Honest

What qualities a person would have to possess in order for you to be his or her mentor?

Compassion with Brilliance


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