Book Review: I Knew You’d Be Lovely: Stories by Alethea Black

Title: I Knew You’d Be Lovely: Stories
Author: Alethea Black
Publisher: Broadway Paperbacks, Random House
ISBN: 9780307886033
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories
Source: Publisher
Rating: 5/5

I Knew You’d Be Lovely is a beautiful collection of 13 short stories, written in a magical manner by Alethea Black. The reason I call this collection magical is that it is written from the heart and one can relate to almost all stories. The stories centre on love, communication, longing, fathers, sons, families, loss and the need to not be alone. I Knew you’d Be Lovely is a wonderful collection of short stories that one can read over and over again.

When I started reading short stories, I was very young and over a period of time I have come to realize the importance of this craft. Alethea Black does it effortlessly. The stories get you in a real tight emotional spot at times and that like I said is their beauty.

The collection starts off with, “That of which we cannot Speak” which is centered on two people who meet at a party for the first time, only to realize how important communication is or isn’t. This story is followed by, “The Only Way Out is through” which delicately explores the relationship between a father and his teenage son. “Good in a Crisis” is about a young woman and her need to find love – the search which takes her to an unexpected place. There are ten other stories in the book which are equally wondrous and make the reader think a lot about the human condition.

My personal favourite is, “Mollusk makes a Comeback” which is about a day gone wrong in the already bad phase of Katie’s life and how she hopes and wishes for a better day. I felt I could relate most to the story and what Alethea Black was trying to communicate.

I Knew You’d Be Lovely is a brilliant collection of short stories. The kind that deserves your time and attention and emotions. The kind that you read with a mug of hot chocolate and long after you have finished it, think, think about it.

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